Fluoroseal Non-Lubricated Sleeved Plug valves incorporate state-of-the art PTFE fluorocarbon seat design providing leak free performance the first time and every time. Fluoroseal’s Severe Service Valves provide low fugitive emission rates and long life. With a variety of configurations, materials and sizes, the Fluoroseal Plug Valve is the last word in Non-Lubricated plug valves you’ll ever need to know.

  • Sizes ½” thru 24″
  • Pressure Class 150 thru 600
  • Full and Reduced Port
  • 2-Way and Multi-Port
  • HF Acid, Jacketed, Control Valve, Double Block and Bleed
  • WCB, 316SS, Duplex, A20, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium and more
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Fluoroseal Lined Plug valves incorporate Investment Cast bodies, Virgin PFA liner, large sealing areas and corrosion protection. Using our state of the art EZ-Seal adjustment mechanism allows the Fluoroseal Lined Plug valves to give you long leak-free operations. Utilizing Investment cast carbon steel bodies allows Fluoroseal to deliver the highest quality valve at a competitive price.
  • Sizes ½” thru 14″
  • Pressure Class 150 & 300
  • Virgin PFA Liner
  • EZ-Seal Mechanism
  • In-Line adjustability
  • Precision Cast Steel Body/Plug/Cover
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Fluoroseal Valves are now accepted at the most demanding buyers in the world: BP, British Petroleum, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Shell Oil, Shell Chemical, ExxonMobil, SASOL, CITGO, PETROBRAS and more. The Fluoroseal HF Acid Valves are UOP and Phillips accepted for Hydrofluoric Acid applications. The Fluoroseal Fugitive Emission Bonnet valve has been proven to have the lowest fugitive emission leak rate in the industry. Fluoroseal also offers Chlorine valves to chemical manufacturers domestically and internationally. Fluoroseal Plug Valves have exceptional advantages over our competitors that set them apart in a crowd. The factory inventories Fully Jacketed plug valves for slurry services and tough applications.

Fluoroseal created the EZ-Seal sealing system to make it possible for maintenance employees to reseat the plug with just an Allen wrench. This simplicity extends the life of the valve, providing the user with an superb return on their investment. Fluoroseal is the winning ticket providing plug valves that save you money. The EZ-Seal Fluoroseal Plug valve is excellent for automation where the ability to reseat the plug is impossible to facilitate on normal valves without the EZ-Seal design. Ask us today to provide you with the Fluoroseal Sleeved and Lined Plug Valves with EZ-Seal sealing system.

Valve Source, Inc is situated in Houston, TX with $1 Million in stock. Valve Source, stocks commodity Carbon Steel, 316SS and Special Alloys – Monel, Alloy 20, Duplex, Hastelloy C ad Nickel. VSI also inventories Chlorine prepared plug valves and Steam Jacketed Plug Valves. Valve Source, Inc committed to Fluoroseal Sleeved and Lined Plug valves for years to come.

For more information on Fluoroseal Valves, contact Valve Source, Inc. at 800-523-1305 or valves@valvesourceinc.com