Bonetti Valves

Cesare Bonetti has been producing high quality valves for steam and high pressure applications for over 100 years. Bonetti’s Y-Pattern Globe valve is used around the world for power and steam applications. The Bonetti Y-Globe is a high quality solution for controlling and stopping steam and high temperature fluids. Combined with our HTB ball valve, high pressure/temperature level gauges, Bonetti is a perfect solution to your plants toughest applications.

  • Y-Patterns valves – Welded and Bonnet Less Design Sizes ½” thru 4″
  • Pressure Class 600,900,1700,2700 & 4500
  • Threaded, Socket Weld, Butt Weld and Flanged
  • Ball valves: ½” thru 4″
  • Class 150# thru 600#
  • Temperature up to 1050 F Continuous Service
  • Magnetic and Glass Level Gauges for High Temperature and Pressure Steam and Fluids
  • A105, F316, F11, F22 & F91

Bonetti HTB Catalog

Bonetti WBY Catalog