ABZ Valves

ABZ manufactures a series of high performance butterfly valves ranging from 2-48 inches with 150-600 psi. Our valve design is ideal for manual or automated actuation and is used for industrial, chemical, HVAC, and food and beverage applications. An ABZ high performance butterfly valve can be installed with a manual hand gear, electric actuator, or a pneumatic actuator to fit any of your projects or design specifications.

Forum’s ABZ Valves come in a wide variety of sizes and functions. From general purpose to high performance pneumatic and electric, you will find that ABZ valves withstand difficult fluid compositions and high-temperature applications.

ABZ Manufacturing, Inc. originated in 1977 in the small rural town of Madison, Kansas. Its name was derived from the letters of the names of the original incorporators – Al (A), Bill (B) and Ray Zorn (Z). In 1986, ABZ Valves and Controls was created as a division. This division manufactures an American made resilient seated butterfly valve along with quality import
valves ranging from rubber seated valves to high performance valves.

Direct mount actuation and a full line of automation accessories are also available. In the spring of 1997, an expansion into mounting brackets and stem extensions for all types of valves and actuation was introduced to further expand our diverse product offering.

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